Technical Application Management

Technical application management ensures that the developed
applications are up and running and keeps them that way.
The field of Technical Application Management focuses on several areas. The core is of course the Application, with the 'launching' of new versions and taking care of the daily operation. This includes a wide range of activities from managing and delivering environments to daily monitoring of the operation and acting on and preventing of errors. In addition to this the management of middleware and platforms is essential.

More and more applications run in the cloud and this environment needs to be managed properly by a Technical Application Manager as well.

Our technical application managers are often System and/or Network Engineers specialized in building and managing IT infrastructures for (web) applications. They ensure that your applications are operational, are tested and maintained and that users are and remain satisfied.
Keeping documentation up-to-date
Implementing new releases or updates
Communication around the application towards your organization and users

Put your applications in the experienced hands of our technical application managers and we guarantee an uptime of almost 100%.Want to know more?

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