OpenShift delivers a consistent experience across public cloud, on-premise, hybrid cloud, or edge architecture

How OpenShift adds value?

Choose a self-managed or fully managed solution.

Red Hat OpenShift provides a uniform app platform for developers and IT administrators to manage hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge deployments.

With OpenShift, you can build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale. Work smarter and faster and bring apps to market on your choice of infrastructure.

No matter how you run it, OpenShift helps your teams focus on the work that matters.

Red Hat OpenShift Overview

OpenShift - A Trusted Hybrid Cloud Foundation

Powered by Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift is the industry's leading hybrid cloud application platform that helps streamline application development, modernization, deployment, running, and management.

OpenShift Features & Benefits


Red Hat OpenShift-powered apps can expand to thousands of instances across hundreds of nodes in seconds.


Simplify hybrid infrastructure deployment and maintenance by hosting a self-managed or fully managed service on-premises.

Open Source Standards

Includes Open Container Initiative (OCI) containers and Cloud Native Computing Foundation-certified Kubernetes for container orchestration, and other open-source technologies.

Container Portability

Container images developed on the OCI industry-standard ensure portability between developer workstations and OpenShift production environments.

openshift features and benefits

Boost Developer Experience

OpenShift offers a comprehensive set of developer tools, multilanguage support, and command line and integrated development environment (IDE) integrations


Streamlined and automated container and app builds, deployments, scaling, health management, and more are included.

Edge Architecture Support

Enhances support of smaller-footprint topologies in edge scenarios that include 3-node clusters, single-node Red Hat OpenShift, and remote worker nodes.

Multi-cluster Management

OpenShift with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes can easily deploy apps, manage multiple clusters, and enforce policies across clusters at scale.

Red Hat OpenShift

Embraced by Fortune Global 500



of Fortune Global 500 aerospace and defence companies.



of Fortune Global 500 technology companies.



of Fortune Global 500 financial companies.



of Fortune Global 500 telecommunications companies.



of Fortune Global 500 motor vehicles and pats companies.



of Fortune Global 500 food and drug stores.

IT22 OpenShift Managed Services

IT22 offers exclusive Red Hat OpenShift managed services for your hybrid-cloud infrastructure. Our OpenShift experts help you deploy and manage OpenShift to meet your specific needs.

Over the years, our team has served key international clients in the energy, mass media, real estate, financial services, and other sectors.

Our Clients
Fortes energy systems
Pana vastgoed
Coventry building society
Virgin media

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