IT Modernization

If you are considering new company-wide digitization strategies, the agile development of high-quality software or the successful, holistic transformation into the cloud.

IT Modernization

If you are considering new company-wide digitization strategies, the agile development of high-quality software or the successful, holistic transformation into the cloud - whenever you want to modernize your IT infrastructure, IT22 is the right partner.

Regardless of industry and size, most of our customers have similar challenges when it comes to IT. They have to redesign their IT along the entire value chain in order to reduce costs, increase sustainable revenues and efficiency and take the entire organization on the journey of digitization and the flexibility of a Hybrid multi-cloud environment. It is about the future and performance of the company.

From Legacy to Cloud Native Applications: Our Approach

Analyzing current IT situation

We start with analyzing, visualizing and re-documenting the current software and IT infrastructure. This makes business processes and company procedures transparent and visible down to the data flow level. Even without access to - possible no longer available - system experts or documentation we can define what is in your business-critical applications, what is no longer needed and what is worth taking with you in the new environment. But the analysis of the current situation does not stop at the organization, the entire application architecture - is also examined.

Define management goals: business requirements specification (SRS)

IT transformation and cloud enablement are not stand alone topics, they have an impact on the whole organisation. When eliminating technical debts, it is often necessary to have the right arguments ready at management level and to take commercial and business-related aspects into account. We support our contact persons at the customer with proven communication strategies, network at C-level with other companies and thus create the necessary commitment in top management. We also advise you on funding opportunities and digitization programs of the federal states, the federal government or the EU.

Align IT modernization and business initiatives

Decide which initiatives fit into your broader business plan - collaborate with our senior management to gain support from the CIO, IT leader, and other senior roles.  Regular plan reviews are necessary for both business and IT; ongoing feedback and business metrics will shape your IT modernization efforts. We examine IT infrastructures using contemporary IT quality standards while keeping your organizational objectives in mind, keeping engineering teams and stakeholders informed, and offering you with the best solutions to connect your IT modernization with your business objectives.

Engage IT teams and stakeholder

The necessary changes at the technical and personel level often cause unexpected difficulties in transformation projects, slow down the projects and generate unnecessary frustration and disenchantment among all those involved. We are actively counteracting this with 360Modernize by cultivating contact and communication with management and stakeholders as well as with those actually 'affected', i.e. software developers, users and those responsible for the departments, right from the start. In this way, we ensure that worries and fears are dealt with at an early stage and that all those involved fully commit to the respective project measures and can understand them from a personal and entrepreneurial point of view.

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