Cloud Transformation

The rapid growth of cloud computing in recent years has increasingly
led to complex multi-cloud architectures in many organizations.

Application Modernization is Imperative

With the rapid growth and increasing complexity of multi-cloud architectures, application modernization has become a top priority for enterprises. These organizations recognize that simply “lifting and shifting” legacy monolithic applications to the cloud will not meet the demands of their users and customers and fail to fully deliver the agility and scalability benefits of the cloud.Cloud environments are highly automated and focused on providing both developers and IT operations teams with cost-effective, on-demand access to highly scalable computing and infrastructure resources. As a result, these companies are refactoring their legacy apps and developing new apps, using a cloud-native approach built on a microservices architecture with multiple containers spanning multiple clusters and cloud providers.

Building an Effective Hybrid or Multicloud Environment Can be Challenging And Requires Planning.

Effective cloud strategies typically involve implementing consistent cloud, application, and management platforms that let you deploy and manage workloads across multiple infrastructures according to performance, security, compliance, and cost requirements. It can be a daunting task, but IT22 can help

Accelerate Cloud Adoption With IT22 And Redhat

Avoid long-term roadmaps
The pace of technological change is increasing. Plan your technology use just far enough in advance to get started.
Iterate rapidly
Fast-moving tech nologies require constant realignment. Use metrics to continuously reassess and improve your infrastructure and processes.
Divide big projects into smaller tasks
Large, long-term projects can be daunting. Break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.
Collaborate with everyone
Hybrid environments require multiple teams to operate. Align efforts and boost innovation through transparency and inclusion across teams..
Foster learning
As technology advances, so should your teams’ skills. Create a culture of pairing, mentoring, and communities of practice to keep everyone up to date.
Experiment and refine
Innovation requires experimentation. Try new things and learn from successes, failures, and unexpected results.

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