Automation is the use of software to perform tasks in order to
reduce cost, complexity, and errors.

Transform Your Organization Through Enterprise-wide Automation Adoption

Automating across your organization requires more than just tools — you also need to consider your people, processes, and platform
An automation platform provides the capabilities for building, running, and managing your automation. In contrast to simple automation tools, an automation platform gives your organization a unified foundation for creating, deploying, and sharing consistent automation content and knowledge at scale.
People are at the core of any enterprise- wide initiative, and automation is no different. In order to adopt automation across your organization, all teams — including line of business, network, security, operations, development, and infrastructure — must be on board and participate.
Processes move projects within your organization from start to finish. Clear processes for creating, deploying, mananging, and adapting automation are essential for broad adoption and ongoing use.

REDHAT Ansible Automation Platform

Everything you need to deploy automation across your organization.
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform integrates Red Hat’s powerful automation
suite consisting of Red Hat Ansible Tower and Red Hat Ansible Engine with
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based capabilities and features to improve effectiveness
across organizations. The platform includes all the tools needed to deploy automation across
your organization.

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