API Management

API Management helps your team connect everything—apps to data,
legacy to new—even as you grow.
The bottom line is that you need a solution for quickly deployed, repeatable integrations and you need a way to manage them down the road. Red Hat gives you that solution.

We can help you address the inherent difficulties in managing and supporting a variety of applications, services, and microservices through the use of a container platform. Our experts can help your organization develop the practices, tools, and culture needed to maximize your investment by implementing APIs and user interfaces.
Manage your APIs with 3scale
Red Hat® 3scale API management is an API management platform that makes it easy to share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs. 3scale API management is designed to scale and support hybrid architecture (on-premise, in the cloud, or any combination of the two). Want to expose and monetize the access to your APIs? Use the integrated developer portal and the platform integration with Stripe, Baintree, and Adyen to enable easy, end-to-end billing between API consumers and providers.
Integrate your IT assets with Fuse
Red Hat Fuse is a distributed integration platform that enables integration experts, application developers, and business users to collaborate and independently create connected solutions. Fuse’s API-centered development in a cloud-native environment means that services and integrations are easily extended and reused. Its hybrid architecture and use of container technology allows users to work in whatever environment they feel most comfortable, with the knowledge that their work can be shared and used anywhere—on premise, in the cloud, or any combination of the two. Collaboration between diverse users is further supported by a shared, easy-to-use foundation that ensures clear and consistent governance.
Managed service for API management with OpenShift API management
Red Hat OpenShift API management is a hosted and managed API management service delivered as an add-on product to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, a fully managed service of enterprise Kubernetes platform Red Hat OpenShift.

OpenShift API management supports teams that want to take an API-first approach to building microservices-based applications so they can modernize existing systems, increase developer productivity, and deliver new applications faster.

With OpenShift API management, you can:

Deploy, monitor, and control APIs throughout their entire life cycle
Create policies governing security and usage
Use existing identity management systems through a declarative policy without requiring custom code
Gain insight into health and use of APIs
Discover and share APIs by publishing to internal or external developer portals

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